Superior Court Clerk's Office

The Clerk of Court and staff perform numerous functions relating to the Stephens County Court System. The office also provides court support to each superior court judge.  Among these duties and functions are:

  • Issue subpoenas
  • Maintain all court records; criminal, civil and adoption.
  • File and maintainscriminal and civil dockets as well as dockets on domestic suits.
  • Attend to the needs of the court in the performance of the duties of the clerk
  • Manage juries at each term of court
  • Coordinate and prepare court calendars
  • Prepare jury duty notices and witnesses
  • Read jury verdicts to the Court
  • Manage  jury processes
  • Attend all court sessions
  • Assist all attorneys with court rules
  • Processe and file appeals
  • Collect fines
  • Ensure that records are transferred from paper to microfilm for permanent storage

All real estate records and most of the court records are public. These records may be viewed in the clerk's office.