Steps to Obtain Building Permit

  1. Get Soil Sample Analysis for Septic Permit –
  2. Apply for Septic Permit from Health Department - Shad Slocum – 706-282-4507 Ext 121
  3. Apply for Building Permit from Stephens County Government - Beth Rider – 706-898-5750

a. Must Have Copy of Septic Permit

b. Must Have Copy of Plans to Submit and Meet All Building Setbacks

c. Must Have A Licensed Building Contractor or Sign Homeowner Affidavit if Contracting the Work Yourself and Must Provide Sub-Contractor Affidavits

d. Must use the Georgia Building Codes and Meet All Required Inspections

  1. Temp Pole
  2. Footings
  3. Foundation Wall
  4. Slab Plumbing
  5. Slab
  6. Rough-In
  7. Energy
  8. Permanent Power
  9. Final Inspection
  10. Certificate Of Occupancy

e. Must Obtain A Certificate of Occupancy once the Project is Complete to Occupy the Structure