Staff Directory

Name Job Title Department Phone Numbers Email
Vacant County Agent County Agent (706)779-5501 Email
Richard Adams Director Recreation (706)886-5101 Email
Phyllis Ayers County Administrator / Finance Director Finance 706-886-9491 Email
George Christian District Attorney District Attorney 706-886-7920
Glenda Ernest Probate Judge Probate Court (706)886-2828 Email
Jamey Gettys Coordinator Fire Email
Dene Hicks Tax Commissioner Tax Commissioner (706)4753 Email
Ann Pickett State Court Solicitor State Court Solicitor (706) 886-1215 Email
Tim Quick Clerk of Magistrate Court Magistrate Court (706) 886-6205 Email
Tim Quick Clerk of Superior Court Clerk of Superior Court 706-886-9496 Email
Danielle Rhodes Director Emergency 911 706-779-3911 Email
Beth Rider County Clerk Commissioners 706-886-9491 Email
Randy Shirley Sheriff Sheriff (706) 886-2525 Email
Mary Smith Director Senior Center (706)886-47440 Email
Chris Stephens Coroner Coroner's Office 706-491-3692 Email

Stephens County is in compliance with Georgia Code (O.C.G.A. Section 13-10-91), which requires that all public employers register and participate with E-Verify. Stephens County has been participating in the E-Verify system since March 12, 2008. The Stephens County ID number is 106677.